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Creativity is far more than being good with a glue gun. In leadership, we can employ creativity in being willing to risk the traditional ways we do things for new or unique approaches in order to spark fresh meaning—even to old ideas.

Undeniably, as leaders we need creativity. And thankfully, we ’re plugged into a Creator who has all the inventive energy that we need. More than that, we ’re made in his image (Genesis 1:27); imagination and originality are written into each one of us. We have all we need to accomplish God’s will with passion and innovation in our areas of influence. To help you infuse creativity into your leadership roles, this download is filled with articles to inspire and challenge you. You’ll find insights to help you evaluate what creativity is, how it fits into leadership, and how you can go about implementing it. You’ll find biblical insights and loads of practical advice to spur you on.

Scripture References: Matthew 13:34, Matthew 19:24, Psalm 51:5


Finding Our Creativity
Imagination and originality are written into each one of us.
by Janine Petry


Cultivating Creativity
How can we claim to follow an innovative God and be so boring?
by Ed Young

Raising Your Creativity Quotient
Creativity is far less subjective and ethereal than some make it sound.
by Gary Gonzales

Imagine That!
Lessons in creativity from a Disney Imagineer.
by C. McNair Wilson

Operation Scrapbook
Army chaplain Lisa Northway is using scissors, glue, and photos to inspire the troops.
by Amy Nappa

Creative Connection
How I changed my picture of prayer.
by Letitia Suk

Creative “Spirituality”
Know the truth; don’t fall for these lies.
by Barbara H. Knuckles
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Creativity and Leadership GFL74$7.95

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