Energizing Ministry Workers

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Throughout this download, you’ll find practical tips and ideas for energizing your ministry workers to co-labor with you and your church in ways that matter eternally. My experience serving outside of the church sheds light on one important principle every church leader needs to know: your volunteers are much more than a pulse; they’re instruments of peace and passion for the sake of Christ.


From Volunteer to Ministry Worker
by Marian V. Liautaud


The Heart of the Issue
What Ministry Workers Want
What they're thinking about, even if they don't say it out loud
by Ted Harro

Practically Speaking
Communicate to Motivate
Create an environment that inspires your volunteers by saying and doing the right things.
by Fred Smith, Sr.

Practically Speaking
Serving With Your Whole Heart
The surprising way to motivate people to volunteer
by Sue Mallory with Chris Blumhofer

Practically Speaking
Infusing Energy into Ministry Workers
Motivation means more than just rallying volunteers.
by Paul Robbins and Harold Myra

Practically Speaking
Ministry Mapping and Video Interviews
Two ways to explore faithful service for the long haul

Prayerful Consideration
What the Bible Has to Say About Energizing Ministry Workers
Scripture to guide you

For Reflection
A Leader's Insight on Volunteers
What hospitals can teach us about appreciating our unpaid workers
by Gordon MacDonald

Additional Resources
Where to go to learn more

Total number of pages - 36 pages

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Energizing Ministry Workers GFL105$7.95

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