Feeling Stuck

Feeling Stuck feelingstuck

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This downloadable packet from Gifted for Leadership offers wisdom from other leaders who were stuck ... and saw God through their situation.

Scripture References: 1 Corinthians 9:26, John 13:14-15


In Stuck Company
God uses our times of feeling stuck
by Caryn Rivadeneira


When Dreams Meet Reality ... Unfortunately
In my best moments, Iím thankful that my limitations
by Amy Heck

Stuck on the Road to Emmaus
The secret to why we are not fulfilled.
by Mark Buchanan

Stuck Places
How to cope when youíre feeling stuck.
by Carol Kuykendall

Sometimes Ministry Stinks
How will you respond when you get stuck holding the bedpan?/i>
by Craig Barnes

Surviving Stuck
God couldnít have used a more obvious analogy to beat some truth into my head.
by Caryn Rivadeneira
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Total number of pages - 33 pages

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Feeling Stuck feelingstuck

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