God’s Dreams for You


Whether it’s due to painful circumstances, extreme busyness, or maybe just your season of life (such as the child-rearing years), have you ever woken up one day and realized you were “dreamless”? In all your giving, supporting, and sacrificing for others, have you lost sight of your own passions? Have your own dreams been shuffled so far down your list of priorities that they don’t even register on your radar screen any more?

God has dreams for your life. God has a purposeful calling for every season and stage along the way. And God desires for you to live in his calling—to rediscover those dreams He has for you and make them a reality through his power. When you’re living out God’s dreams for you, you’ll most fully be the person he designed you to be.

Loving, serving, and sacrificing for others are noble callings. But God doesn’t want you to live with his unique dreams for you at the very bottom of your priority list! Whether these articles help you take those very first steps of discovery or they just urge you on along the path you’re already walking, I hope that the wisdom shared by these authors enables you to vibrantly live out your God-designed dreams!

A collection of Bible-based articles and resources to use for yourself or with a group of other women.


Introduction: The Bottom of the List

Leaders Guide
How to use “God’s Dreams for You” for a group study.

Hidden Treasure
What secret gifts and dreams has God tucked in your heart?
By Liz Curtis Higgs

Becoming a Purpose-Filled Woman
Saddleback minister Katie Brazelton helps you understand your place in this world.
Interview by Jane Johnson Struck

Purpose-Driven Wife
How God gave Kay Warren a new dream for her life.
Interview by Jane Johnson Struck

Go Ahead—Dream
You’ll be surprised at what God will do!
By Stacey Padrick

Dream Poppers
When others try to squelch your dreams.
By T. Suzanne Eller

Dream a Little Dream
Make some lists with the Maker of dreams.
By Camerin Courtney

So, Who Are You?
The deep connection between your calling and your sense of identity.
By Amy C. Boucher

Additional Resources
Books to help you further.

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