Many of us can find some common ground when we interact with Muslim friends and neighbors, but we also come to a point when we realize how immense the gap is that divides us. We owe it to our friends to learn more--to discover more about their culture and beliefs. And as we do so, we become better equipped to share the truth of Jesus.

This download is meant to be a step forward in your own journey of understanding more about Islam. It certainly doesn’t cover every nuance of Islamic beliefs, but you’ll find the essentials here as well as some thought-provoking articles to help you along the way as you seek to minister to the Muslims in your life.

A collection of Bible-based articles and resources to use for yourself or with a group of other women.


Introduction: Inadequacies and Islam

Leaders Guide
How to use "Islam: What to Know and How to Reach Out" for a group study.

Islam 101
Basics of a foreign faith.
from Christian History & Biography

Does Allah = God?
Key differences between Islam and Christianity.
by Nancy Ortberg

Muslim Phobic No More
Verbal attacks on Islam sabotage evangelism.
a Christianity Today editorial

The Muslim Next Door
How to better understand women who follow Allah.
by Corrie Cutrer

Engaging Our Muslim Neighbors
The Church faces a challenge not just to understand Muslims, but to befriend them.
by Wendy Murray Zoba

Why Muslims Follow Jesus
The results of a recent survey of converts from Islam.
by J. Dudley Woodberry, Russell G. Shubin, and G. Marks

I Was a Daughter of Islam
What I discovered when I lifted the veil on my world.
by "Rockie"

Additional Resources
Books, Bible studies, and articles to help you further.

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