Embrace Your Single Life - Bible Study


While it’s devastatingly easy to harp on the negatives of being single—you hate eating dinner by yourself, here comes another holiday with no one to bring home, the prospective candidates in your singles’ group are a bunch of freaks—the truth is there’s a lot that’s quite good about the single life.

Being single can be hard at times, but you can find comfort in God and learn to develop a positive outlook. This Today’s Christian Woman Bible Study will help you deepen your faith as you dig into Scripture, reflect on the truth of God’s Word, and take action steps to live out your faith in your singleness. You can use this Today’s Christian Woman Bible Study on your own as part of your personal spiritual growth, or you can use it in a group setting as you discuss God’s Word with a community of friends and grow in faith together.


    • 1 Samuel 18:1–4; 20; Psalm 16; 39:4, Ecclesiastes 3:1–8; 1 Corinthians 7:32–35, Mark 1:29–38   


    • "What’s So Great About Being Single?" by Camerin Courtney, Today's Christian Woman (September/October 1999)    

Total number of pages - 12

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