Money and the Consumerism Crunch


One of the biggest dangers of money is how it can overtake our very identity. We become driven consumers, searching out the next new thing to satisfy our inner longings. We seek the passing thrill of a purchase or the score of a great deal to bring us joy. We blissfully choose ignorance of mounting debts in order to live in a way that seems abundant.

Knowing that money and stuff will not bring any measure of true meaning to our lives and that real peace and joy is found only in Christ, why is it so hard to live out these values in our consumerism culture?

This download explores the spiritual issues at the heart of consumerism; helps you honestly examine your own attitudes toward money and what it can (and can’t) buy; looks at life stories of two people who made purposeful, faith-inspired, and somewhat radical choices about money; and will challenge you to embrace the Christian discipline of simplicity as an antidote to consumerism.

A collection of Bible-based articles and resources to use for yourself or with a group of other women.


Introduction: I Hate Money!

Leaders Guide
How to use “Money and the Consumerism Crunch” for a group study.

Shopping for the Real Me
Why nothing ever quite fits right.
By Lee Knapp

Living in a Material World
Why it will never satisfy the longings of the soul.
By R. Ruth Barton

Money Madness
Help to keep your finances from driving you nuts.
By Kelsey Menehan

The Call of the Mall
Three doable ways to mend your overspending (without giving up shopping!)
By Sharon Durling

Why It Pays to Be Cheap
Unwise spending almost ruined Mary Hunt—until she discovered the secret to minding her money.
Interview by Linda Piepenbrink

Gain, Save, and Give
What 21st-century Christians can learn from the life of 18th century preacher John Wesley.
By Charles Edward White

Too Much Stuff
Try these secrets to simplifying.
By Mayo Mathers

Additional Resources
Books to help you further.

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