Top 10 Tips for Keeping Sex Fun


After years of marriage, sex can become routine. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the basics in order to keep things fresh in the bedroom. In this list, you'll find helpful tips for keeping sex fun.

A collection of Bible-based articles and resources to use for yourself or with a group of other women.

Introduction: Let the Games Begin!
Sometimes what makes sex fun is getting back to the basics.
by Marian Liautaud

Tip One: Kiss Deeply
Do you remember the kind of kissing you did when you first fell in love? Do you still kiss that deeply and passionately? Rediscover passionate kissing.

Tip Two: Get in the Zone
Explore your erogenous zones and discover where you’re most responsive.

Tip Three: Know Your Definition of Satisfaction.
Make sure you and your husband both know your definition of satisfaction.

Tip Four: Enjoy Sex At Every Stage
Here’s what you can do to have the best sex ever no matter how old you are!

Tip Five: Mix It Up
Don't be afraid to try different types of sex as long as you're connecting.

Tip Six: Learn Your Spouse's Sexual Triggers
Discovering what turns on your spouse is about more than finding his erogenous zones.

Tip Seven: Practice the Fine Art of Appreciation
Overwhelm your spouse with appreciation, and watch sexual desire increase.

Tip Eight: Schedule Sex
Multitudes of sex therapists and marriage counselors name fatigue as the number one enemy of sexual intimacy.

Tip Nine: Say "Why Not?"
Give yourself permission to enjoy sex. Be open to pleasing your lover. Take on a "Why not?" attitude.

Tip Ten: Keep Practicing
As we decide to have sex and find we enjoy our time of lovemaking, our libidos increase, often leading to an increased yearning to have sex more often.

Additional Resources
Magazines, books and websites to help you further.

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