When Cancer Comes


Are you or someone you know struggling with the effects of cancer? In this downloadable guide, you won't find standards to live up to or get prescriptions to survive or thrive. But, you will find sensitive advice, encouragement, and inspiration from those—and for those—who live with cancer. You'll experience hope as you read about the way God has used cancer as an unlikely blessing in the lives of many—and gain a glimpse of what he might have in store for you.

A collection of Bible-based articles and resources to use for yourself or with a group of other women.

Introduction: No Good Words
Coming up with the “right” thing to say usually escapes me. This time, I’ll have others do my talking.
by Caryn Rivadeneira

Taking On Cancer
This survivor’s fought the disease—twice. Here are her strategies.
by Phyllis Ten Elshof

Laughter is Good Medicine
By cartooning her way through cancer, one woman staved off depression and found a way back to humor and helping others.
by Ginger Kolbaba

A Marathon of Faith
Faced time and again with recurrent cancer, this woman made a choice to have control over the only thing she could—her trust in God and her attitude.
by Ginger Kolbaba

I’m Alive—and the Doctor’s Dead!
When Sue Buchanan found out the odds were against her, she found the strength to fight harder.
by Ginger Kolbaba

Bearing Each Others’ Burdens
As an advocate for patients diagnosed with cancer, this cancer survivor offers support and encouragement to the individuals and families of those with the disease.
by the editors of TODAY’S CHRISTIAN WOMAN

The Right Support
How can I show my wife I’m still in love with her—even without her breast?
by Gary and Carrie Oliver

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