When Husbands Cheat


Dealing with marital infidelity is an emotional experience potentially filled with shame, embarrassment, and confusion. It is a painful struggle to understand how a Christian man could so deliberately blow apart his marriage and dismantle his family.

In this guide, you might not find answers to everything you’re wondering, but you will find guidance, encouragement, and understanding in many of the issues that surround a husband’s infidelity.

A collection of Bible-based articles and resources to use for yourself or with a group of other women.

Introduction: Adultery from a Daughter’s Eyes
My experience with betrayal is not as a wife, but still it’s taught me about the power of God’s grace.
by Caryn Rivadeneira

Leader’s Guide
How to use “When Husbands Cheat” for a group study.

Why Affairs Happen
And what you need to know about prevention and recovery.
by Cindy Crosby

‘I Think My Husband Is Cheating’
Uncovering the truth when you suspect your spouse is having an affair.
by Cindy Crosby

‘Must I Take Him Back?’
What to do when he wants to reconcile, but you’re not so sure.
by Gary J. and Carrie Oliver

Surviving an Affair
What my suffering taught me about the depth of God’s grace—and how it saved our marriage.
by Connie Neal, as told to Jane Johnson Struck

Starting Over
4 ways to rebuild trust after a painful betrayal. With God’s help, it is possible.
by Louis McBurney, M.D.

The Healing Power of Mutual Forgiveness
How acknowledging your own sin helps you show true grace.
by Jay Kesler

After the Affair
A pastor’s wife describes the impact of her husband’s adultery.
by Heather Bryce

Confronting the Other Woman
‘Should I talk to the woman who participated in my betrayal?’
by Gary and Carrie Oliver

Additional Resources
Books to help you further.

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