Your Guide to True Forgiveness


Learn what forgiving someone means—and what it doesn't in this special collection.

This 133-page collection of Bible-based articles and resources was carefully selected by editors at TCW to give you our best information on the topic. Use it for yourself or with a group of other women.


The choice to forgive can be hard to make. Sometimes staying indignant feels good, almost powerful, and forgiveness seems like wimping out. Yet God still chooses to forgive us and calls us to forgive those around us—no matter how difficult the task.

If you’ve been struggling with this issue in your life—and who of us hasn’t at one time or another?—you’ll love the articles in this kit of resources. We have practical advice on the how to’s of forgiveness as well as stories of the transforming power of forgiving someone.


In this kit, we've combined several resources, including:

$4.95 Learning to Forgive
$5.95 The Freedom of Forgiveness Bible Study
$4.95 Transformation in the Midst of Suffering
+ Forgiveness - Free!

Other topics covered include:

  • Not wanting to forgive
  • Keys to forgiveness
  • What forgiveness isn't
  • How to surrender your burdens, thoughts, and feelings to God


Total number of pages - 133 pages


Format: PDF


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